mith International Gulf Services, LLC (SIGS) is a joint venture between Oilfields Supply Center Ltd. and Smith International, Inc. formed in 1974. The company has operated a DRILCO field machine shop and subsequently took over the responsibility for the sales and rentals of the Smith International DRILCO products line.

The Company's main operations and headquarters of some 4,000 square metres of air-conditioned facilities are situated within the Oilfields Supply Center complex in Jebel Ali and has satellite locations in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Qatar. With these facilities, SIGS is the established leader in its field of activities throughout the Middle East.

DRILCO field machineshop services have been core competencies of the company for a long time and with investment have maintained state-of-the-art capabilities of manufacturing various Drilco and customer requested bottom-hole assemblies such as stabilisers, drill collars, pup-joints, integral flex-joints, fishing and remedial tools etc. and specialised welding applications. SIGS also provides the DRILCO field inspection service holding contracts for both onshore and offshore inspection of drilling tubulars, rig handling tools and lifting gear throughout the Gulf.

Two later additions to the company's capabilities are:- SLOTCO slotted liners and fluid sealing products. More details of these products and their applications can be obtained through the company directly.

All of the company's product manufacturing is certified to ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 and the company as a whole operates under ISO 9002. SIGS follows the Smith International, Inc. Quality System which is derived from API and ISO 9000.


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P.O. Box 24983, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel : +971 4 883 6268
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